Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Break '08

My family and I watched a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon on Bravo the other day. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I love Bravo. Real Housewives (both of them) is good, Top Chef is quality, I even like Project Runway (for Heidi). I'm not proud of it, but I am looking forward to the new Real Housewives of Orange County on Tuesday when Jeanette, Bob, and I will anxiously await the new girl being introduced to all the Coto ladies. Sah-weet.

In other news, I lost a $20 bet to my father over video games, was made to tell the story when my Grandmother informed me about the dangers of anal sex at our family Christmas get-together (it really is a classic) and have eaten my weight in peanut butter Hershey's kiss cookies...CCRB here I come.

Jeanette thinks my beard was actually a good idea and says I should grow it full time. So much for all the Rabbi jokes.

Definitely one of the best things about graduating is never having to sleep on a dorm mattress ever again.

Did I mention I like peanut butter Hershey's kiss cookies?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Best Day of the Semester

So, today, I was sitting in Angell Hall against the windows watching The Addams Family (for a paper, I swear) on my computer as a smiling girl came up to me and handed me a piece of candy and a flyer advertising her a capella group's concert tomorrow night. On a boombox on the group's table nearby was playing their version of Ben E. King's classic "Stand By Me," as I told the girl that it was one of the only songs I can currently play on the guitar. I asked her if they'd be singing it at the concert and she informed me that they had retired the singing of the song, but that I should still come. I told her I wouldn't be attending if I weren't guaranteed the singing acapella style of "Stand By Me," so the girl kiddingly told me that for $10, her and her fellow singers would sing it to me on the spot. Much to her surprise, I whipped out a 10-dollar bill...

Aaaaaand, I was serenaded by 5 girls in the middle of Angell Hall. Best $10 I've ever spent.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Long No Shave November...

I desperately wanted to keep it, but my aunt told me that I will be subject to a family photo this Friday. Thus, No Shave November has come to a premature end. It was a glorious 3-quarters of a month, but all things must see their itchy, razor-burn filled conclusion. Probably the best part was the mustache finale, where I channeled my inner-Tom Selack. Except I'm sexier and you know it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

Not in the best mood, so I'm gonna make like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music and Recall some of my favorite things.

1. Cupcakes, the perfect food. The Cupcake Station, a new cupcake-only bakery in Ann Arbor has changed my life.

2. Playing the guitar- finally getting lessons= the best decision of my life

3. Classic video football finishes that have me screaming up and down the hallway in joy.

4. Finishing those pesky screenplay pages.

5. Eating at Betsy Barbour (all girls, schwing) dining hall- far better than West Quad dining facility, which sucks.

6. Reading Cosmo- I love advice so much, I no longer care who its aimed's a guilty pleasure for sure (its always a little embarrassing buying one, but at least I'm reading, that's better than my dad can say...

7. ...while drinking a salted carmel hot chocolate from Starbucks. Salt+chocolate= great combo

8. Seeing the Texas Longhorns play well. The prospect of a Texas-USC rematch has made this terrible Michigan season so much more palatable.

9. The movie Religulous....just go see it, so funny.

10. Voting for the first time. I'm not gonna say who I'm voting for, but let's just say his first name rhymes with 'Yo Mamma'

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Mann House: True Life

I found this on Jeanette's blog. Apparently my stepmom found a bat late at night and my dad fled the scene. I can see him with i t-shirt and underwear girl-running from the bedroom to our basement. I'm so glad the men in our family are so brave. Although, I can't blame him, I had my roomate kill a spider in my bathroom a few weeks back. Anyway, without further ado:

My parents and the bat.

I was awakened last night from a dead sleep to the light flutter of bird wings. Ah, in my dream state I thought maybe it would fly, fly away and I was back to sleep. Soon, I realized birds don't fly in houses at night but, OMG, BATS DO!!!! And then I saw it - the outline of bat wings on the ceiling. I screamed at the heart patient to my side - IT'S A BAT and all hell broke loose. Dog and cats scattered. Bob ran out of the room and I hid under the covers screaming. Now mind you, I am the voice of reason in the house. I can handle bugs, spiders, birds, and the occasional mouse but I draw the line at BATS! So, with Bob long gone and safely out of deaths grip(a shout out to Bob THANKS), I hovered under the covers as the BAT the size of a prehistoric flying dinosaur flew about the room. Rather than stay there and risk life and limb, I escaped with a sheet as my shield. Even in my panic, I managed to open the deck door and slam the bedroom door shut, all with the hope the evil doer would LEAVE. Needless to say, it was a restless night of sleep on the couch for all. I have no doubt I saw a collar and tag around this mangy animals neck that read: If found contact The Munsters at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Laguna Beach, Guitar Hero, and the Day I was in an Earthquake with an Olsen Twin.

Well, I know everyone wants to hear about the latter part of the title to this post, but be patient. First thing's first. This weekend I drove down to lovely (and very spacious) Laguna Beach where I met Adam and Co. for a little beach time and fun in the sun. It was my first foray into the O.C. and I must's a lot like Plano, TX with a beach...and pretty people. It's all good. I found out Adam likes, um, big girls, that I'm the only male in California with chest hair, and that I can catch a frisbee but am still unable to throw one. Not pretty. I just went down for the day as I had to be at work early Monday morning, but Adam is coming this weekend to LA to see a Dodgers Game, see a show at the Hollywood Bowl (Yay! I get to go! Finally!!), and rock LA. 

Speaking of rocking, I've finally been sucked into Guitar Hero. After watching Gentz and Amy and every other SW person own this year, I've finally stepped up to the plate and learned how to play the guitar....hero. I'm rhythmically challenged, but I'm addicted. When I'm bored, I go to the Best Buy down the street and play their demo. I feel like a homeless person with a home, yet sans video game system. I'm not proud. 

And lastly, today I had just returned from an emergency Blockbuster run and Office Depot errand to my desk at work. I was working on a small project when the suspended lights from the ceiling started to sway and the room, yes, started to shake, beginning the 10 or so seconds of my first ever Earthquake experience. There were a  couple screams and shouts around the office, yet when the shaking stopped, there was a nice calm for about 20 seconds. I stepped away from my desk and to the middle of the office where everyone in my company had gathered, including, yes, an Olsen twin. She was very nice and down-to-earth, but a little shaken up (as we all were) by the rattling. Everyone was talking about what to do in case of an earthquake, but when the commotion came to a hault, everyone went back to what they were doing. No one even thought of going home. Gotta love California. This has been the most crazy summer.

But yes, that was when I was in an earthquake with an Olsen twin. I can no longer explain the things that happen in my life. 

Monday, July 21, 2008

To My Father...

My second favorite person in the entire world- whom I always long to call on the telephone- provided Adam isn't picking up. My dad always likes when I mention him in my blog, so here you go big guy. What a fine example you set for me- such great traits I inherit such as, but not limited to the following: 

1) An adeptness at making jokes involving a penis, vagina and/or mammories. Truly a gift. "I'll have the black cod...k" 

2) Wearing out peoples' flaws so that they actually think that you hate them...when you actually like them.  

3) The rubbery, disapproving face, perfect for letting someone know that you, um, disapprove. 

4) A high-pitched squeal voice- leading to a never-ending chorus at my mother's family's dinners when my cousins chant "Do Bob! Do Bob!" "JEEEEEAAANEEETTTTTEEEEEE!!! Can you feel my foreheaaad!?"

5) A weird, sarcastic cadence that has a meter all it's own and can make any innocuous line of English seem stupid.

6) His jumpshot. OK, so he's not all bad...

7) ...And conversely, the ability to do little else at a high level on a basketball court.

8)  Skinny, girl legs which make me look 80, rather than 21.

9) Dominance at video games. Oh, wait, I didn't inherit this. I'm more of a pioneer in my family in this field...

10) And lastly, where would I be in terms of girls if I had another father? Oh, you know what...don't answer that...we are talking about a man who calls me so many times a day that he actually has interrupted some, um, intimate moments in the past few years...yeah, I wouldn't give him your cell number if I were you, especially if you're a 20 year-old interested in losing your virginity.
Of course, I'm kidding around. I love my father and would continue to hold him in high regard, despite what the pending paternity tests might reveal. Miss you, big guy!